The competence of the manufacturer

Despite numerous publications to the contrary in various print media, the proportion of threading tool manufacturers actually producing in Germany continues to shrink. Due to the relocation of production even of well-known producers to the Far East, only a few companies remain as genuine local manufacturers.

The "one-euro mentality" does not stop at the tool market either. Containers of threading tools are imported, especially from the Far East, often in adventurous quality, "embellished" with laser marking, real or fake coating and glossy packaging, and not infrequently sold as "German quality products" at sensationally low prices. This promises high profit margins for the seller, but the user is often the one who suffers.

How to protect yourself?

Ask your seller for details. The real manufacturer also has real expertise. Get real advice and not just read from the competition catalog. We at LUBERO have been manufacturing threading tools since 1926. We will certainly not leave you without an answer.

When it comes to special tools, the wheat is separated from the chaff. Those who are able to develop solutions for complicated cutting tasks also have the competence for "normal" cutting tasks. Our share of special tools now amounts to approx. 40% of sales. It is not without reason that we are also a sought-after partner among our competitors in this field.

When receiving offers, check the tool and not the packaging. Especially inferior tools are often offered in particularly elaborate boxes and with a lot of often useless information. This is only to distract from the tool and pretend a high quality. Keep in mind: When viewed critically, the packaging is reduced to a mere protective function for the tool.

If the seller appears to be the manufacturer and you have doubts about this, ask him for an appointment to inspect his production. So-called production facilities abroad are then the frequent excuses, which in reality often turn out to be merely cheap sources of supply. We at LUBERO produce in Germany with European steel. This guarantees the best, consistent quality and high flexibility, even with delivery times.

Be critical of massive advertising. This can certainly stand for the efficiency of a company, but it also costs a lot of money. These funds are then not available for tool innovation but only increase the price of the product. Especially importers like to use this means to create a positive opinion about their offered tools. However, constant affirmation of quality does not make it better!

Trust the long experience of a real manufacturer and remember: The real cost of a tool is calculated from.

Price divided by service life !