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As an experienced manufacturer of machine taps, we are your reliable partner when it comes to optimizing your manufacturing processes. With our wide range of high-quality machine taps and machine thread cutters, we are able to offer you a perfect solution for your individual needs.

Our offer includes a wide range of machine taps in various sizes and designs. Taps and taps from LUBERO are made of high-quality materials and are convincing due to their precision and durability . Discover our offer now and find the perfect solution for your manufacturing.

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Our strengths: Highest quality and years of expertise

Since a machine tap is usually faced with more demanding basic requirements, there are some conditions attached to the manufacturing of a machine tap. These include, for example, the ability to withstand faster cutting speeds, resistance to higher frictional forces and increased tool life.

To meet the high expectations of an excellent machine tap, one should not only pay attention to the design or the standards. Much more important is, for example, the adaptation of the cutting geometry to the material to be machined. The material from which the machine tap is made and the correct manufacture or grinding of a tap also play a major role.

These factors are analyzed and optimized down to the smallest detail before each production, only in this way can we ensure that we have created something special. In addition to the standard designs , our color ring system has also been able to establish itself very strongly on the market.

Our tool selection includes a wide range of tailor-made threading tools including hand taps, dies, tap sets and tap holders.

Why choose us?

As an experienced manufacturer of machine taps, we have years of expertise and a deep understanding of our customers' requirements. Our products are made from high quality materials and undergo constant quality control to ensure you always get the best results.

  • Experienced manufacturer of machine taps
  • Deep understanding of  customer requirements
  • High quality materials  for production
  • Constant quality control  for best results
  • Years of expertise

Optimize your production with our machine taps

In order to offer our customers the best and fastest possible advice, we have provided the machine taps with 6 different color rings. Around 80 percent of all cutting tasks can thus already be easily solved without having to search long for the right tool. Thus, the machine tap already accommodates all the specific requirements for your project with the selection of the right color.

So everyone is guaranteed to find what they are looking for!

With our machine taps you can optimize your manufacturing processes and save time and costs. Due to the high precision and durability of our products, you will be able to speed up your manufacturing processes while improving the quality of your end products.

Machine tap type Multi - Purple Ring

TiAlN coated

With our type Multi machine taps you get a universally applicable all-round weapon.

What is TiAlN?

The Type-Multi-machine taps are reinforced with a titanium-aluminum-nitride coating after manufacture. This is a compound between the components titanium, aluminum and nitrogen, which in combination can increase the service life of the machine tap 10 times depending on the material to be machined. The typeMulti machine taps in our range are always marked with a purple ring.

What are the properties of the TiAlN coated machine tap?

Despite the low coating thickness of approx. 1-3 µm, the tap achieves a hardness of up to 3,400 HV and withstands temperatures of up to 900°. This makes the TiAlN coating suitable for very hard materials. In addition to cutting steel <1,400 N/mm² or stainless steel, the TiAlN-coating is also used for softer materials such as brass, bronze or aluminum.

recommendation:theType-Multi stands for versatility. If you are only looking for a machine tap for different materials and applications, our type-Multi tap is excellently equipped.

Machine tap type UNI - green ring

TiN coated

The machine tap type UNI excels in the range of standard steels.

We offermachine taps with type UNI marking in two variants, bright and TiN-coated. Both variants are marked with a green ring in our product range.

The blank variant allows machining of steel up to 900 N/mm². The TiN coated machine taps allow machining of steel up to 1,200 N/mm² and are given a gold/yellow finish.


What is TiN coating?

TiN so titanium nitride is a coating that withstands application temperatures of up to 600° and achieves a hardness of 2,700 HV. The coating thickness of the TiN coating is 2-4 µm.

Machine tap type Alu - Yellow Ring

CrN coated

If you specifically want to machine only aluminum, you can't get around our type-aluminum machine taps.

As the name suggests, our Type-Alu machine taps are true specialists when it comes to thread cutting in aluminum.

What makes the Type-Alu so special?

The aluminum specialist is not only finished with a silver-gray CrN coating, but also receives a specifically adapted cutting geometry for thread cutting in aluminum materials.

What is CrN coating?

CrN stands for chromium nitride, which is a low-temperature coating in which our machine taps are coated at approx. 200°. The coating reaches a hardness of 2000 HV, an application temperature of 800° and a tensile strength of up to 600 N/mm².

Machine tap type VG - Red ring

Special cutting geometry

Our Type-VG machine taps are ideal for machining heat-treated and heat-resistant steels.

Steel with a tensile strength of < 1,200 N/mm² can be machined excellently with the type-VG machine tap, which is why the type-VG is frequently to predominantly used for quenched and tempered and heat-resistant steels.

What are the advantages of the type VG?

The type-VG comes in the bare version, i.e. uncoated. Due to an adapted cutting geometry, materials that are difficult to machine can thus be machined and this with an untreated tap surface.

Machine tap type GG - white ring

TiCN coated

GG stands for gray cast iron and it is exactly for this material that we offer the perfectly matched machine tap, the Type-G

Since gray cast iron is very short-chipping, we always recommend a straight-fluted tap, since it is not possible to carry out the chips upwards when machining gray cast iron. With a TiCN coating and an adapted cutting geometry, our Type-GG tap meets all the requirements for machining brittle cast iron materials. In our assortment is characterized Type-GG tap always with a white ring.

What is TiCN? Features

TiCN so, titanium carbonitride is mainly used for low-alloy steels and is characterized by a blue-gray surface. A hardness of 3,200 HV and a heat resistance of up to 600° are also important advantages when machining cast materials. The coating thickness is 2-4 µm.

The tensile strength of the cast materials to be machined should be max. 900 N/mm².

Machine tap type VA - Blue ring

Vaporized surface

Rust and acid resistant steels, are the main machining materials of our VA machine taps

Marked with a blue ring, our Type VA tap is the perfect choice for VA materials (stainless steels).

Here, too, we work with a special surface treatment (vaporization) and an optimized cutting geometry.

What is vaporization?

Vaporization is not a coating, but a surface treatment that makes the tap more resistant to weld buildup by reducing the tear-off of the lubricating film. The tensile strength increases to 1200 N/mm² and the tool life is significantly increased.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about machine taps

What are machine taps?

Machine taps are special tools used to cut threads in metallic materials. They are usually used in the metal and engineering industry to make screwed connections.

Where are machine taps used?

Machine taps are tools used to tap a thread in a single pass using a machine into a workpiece to be machined. These machines can be, among others, tapping arms, drill presses, hand drills, lathes or milling machines. In other words, industrial series machines as well as do-it-yourself machines.

What is the color ring system for machine taps?

The color ring system is a unique marking system in which each machine tap is assigned a unique color. This facilitates identification and organization of the taps and improves efficiency in the work process.

What are the advantages of using machine taps?

Machine taps offer higher accuracy and efficiency compared to manual taps. They can also be used in harder materials and produce consistent and precise threads.

Who should use machine taps?

Machine taps are suitable for any company or craftsman who regularly makes screw connections or cuts threads. They are particularly suitable for the metal and mechanical engineering industry.

How do I choose the right machine tap?

Choosing the right machine tap depends on several factors, such as the material, the thread diameter to be cut, and the desired depth. It is important to select a tap that is suitable for the intended use in order to achieve optimum results.


1200 N/mm21000 N/mm2800 N/mm2600 N/mm21400 N/mm20 N/mm2400 N/mm2200 N/mm2

The types at a glance

Our machine taps with the proven color ring marking guarantee optimum cutting results and performance in the respective defined application areas due to the special design. The six colors represent the most common materials, which have different strengths. Our color ring spiral provides an initial overview of the respective areas of application.