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Hand taps are used in metalworking for the manual production of internal threads. LUBERO, as an expert in this field, offers custom-made precision tapping tools that meet the highest quality standards.

For the production of our hand taps we use only high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies. We pay attention to equally high quality in our tap wrenches, which are perfectly matched to the hand taps, and in our entire product range of tapping tools. Our company can look back on a long tradition since 1926 and is proud of its German manufacturing and modern logistics processes. We stand for highest precision in manufacturing and guarantee short delivery times. Thanks to our efficient system, most of our items arrive at your door on the next working day.

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What is a hand tap?

The hand tap, abbreviated HBG, is a tap that is used to produce internal threads in components. The production is done by hand with a tap. Hand taps are an important component in the tool industry for the manual production of threads.

There are various types of hand taps, such as single-cut taps, pairs of taps consisting of a pre-cutter and a finishing tap, and sets of hand taps consisting of a pre-cutter, a middle tap and a finishing tap.

In the case of the multi-piece hand tap set, the thread is cut progressively through the taps of increasing diameter until the final tap, which produces the final and gauge thread. From the pre-cutter, marked by a ring, to the middle tap, marked by two rings, to the final tap, which has no marking, a clean and dimensionally accurate thread is cut manually by using the appropriate taps.

To achieve a perfect result, the use of a suitable tap is essential, which you can purchase in our online store with your desired hand tap.


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When are hand taps used?

There are several situations where hand taps are the best choice. For example, when the thread to be cut is difficult to reach with the machine or when you want to re-tap a thread.

In addition, hand taps are an inexpensive and effective option for occasional use and are a good choice if you only want to cut a few threads and don't want to spend money on the necessary machines and their attachment. With good quality and careful handling, hand taps can cut threads with high precision, making them a cost-effective alternative to expensive machines.

LUBERO Hand tap sets are mainly used in handicraft or fixture construction, for which they are ideally suited due to their long durability.

What are the variants?

Different types of hand taps can be distinguished:

  • Single-cut taps
  • Pairs of taps, consisting of a pre-cutter and a finishing tap
  • Hand tap sets, consisting of pre-cutter, middle cutter and finishing cutter

When it comes to cutting threads manually, multi-part hand tap sets are a practical and effective choice. Here, taps with increasing diameters are used to cut the thread step by step, with the last tap producing the final and gauge thread.

The different taps in the set are labeled to distinguish their function:

  • The  pre-cutter, which is marked with a ring, roughly pre-cuts the thread
  • The  center  tap, marked with two rings, cuts it further
  • The  finishing  cutter, which has no marking, produces the final thread

To achieve a perfect result when cutting threads, it is essential to use a suitable tap wrench. A tap wrench is a tool that allows you to turn the taps and thus cut the thread.

Single-cut taps

Single-cut taps are used,

  • when you want to cut several threads quickly,
  • when the force applied to the tap is small,
  • when threads are recut.

Advantages: The thread is cut in one pass and saves users production time.

Multi-part sets

Multi-part sets are used

  • when a thread is cut in tough or very hard materials,
  • when the force applied to the taps is to be reduced,
  • when a large thread is to be cut and a lot of material is to be removed.

Advantages: A thread cut at an angle by the pre-cutter can be repaired with the middle and finish cutter.

We are happy to offer our assistance in selecting the appropriate hand taps.

Why should you choose LUBERO?

  1. We are ourselves Manufacturer of threading tools in Viernheim, Germany. This guarantees you the highest quality and reliability.
  2. We can look back on more than 90 years of experience in the field of threads. We use this extensive know-how in the development and production of our tools.
  3. Our expertise enables us to offer special one-off products with short delivery times and to meet individual customer requirements.
  4. We have a large standard range at reasonable prices. In addition, we process inquiries quickly and reliably.
  5. As a reliable partner, we offer consistent contact persons and high flexibility.

Lubero Hand taps in use.

Tips for optimal results with the hand tap

When it comes to cutting threads with a hand tap, there are a few tips that should be followed to achieve the best result.

  • First, the core hole should be countersunk to give the hand tap a little guidance and make it easier to get started.
  • Before cutting, it is important to provide sufficient lubrication to improve the thread surface and increase the service life of the hand tap. A conventional thread-cutting paste or some lubricating oil is sufficient for this purpose.
  • If you don't have a pilot with a guide pin, a stop ruler with a right angle can be placed on the workpiece to straighten the hand tap.
  • In addition, it is important to regularly turn the tap back half a turn after two to three revolutions to break the chips so they do not become wedged between the threads. With these tips, cutting threads with a hand tap should go smoothly.

Hand taps from Lubero: quality in material and workmanship

The quality of a hand tap affects the precision of the cut thread and the durability of the tool. The following factors are decisive for this:

  1. Material: a good hand tap is made of high quality steel that is durable and long lasting. At LUBERO, we use only HSS for common applications and HSSE for applications with special material stresses, such as when cutting threads in materials that are difficult to machine.
  2. Hardness and processing: During production, a carefully performed hardening process is carried out. The material should have undergone a good heat treatment to ensure high hardness and wear resistance.
  3. Micrograph: Only a perfect micrograph ensures clean cutting results. To ensure the dimensional accuracy of our hand taps, we supplement our fully automated manufacturing processes with constant checks by our skilled personnel.

Hand taps: Perfectly matched accessories

To produce precise and durable threads, you need not only a high-quality tap, but also the right accessories. Therefore, also inform yourself about our holding tools: There you will find, among other things, precise, high-quality tap wrenches that are perfectly matched to our LUBERO hand taps.

Our range of tools and customized solutions is wide and includes not only hand taps, but also dies, machine taps, tap sets as well as individual solutions suitable for a variety of projects.