EXPERT - Clamping and holding tools

Our Dies and die holders have been perfectly adapted to the Lubero threading tools.

Thus, our customers receive products that are adjustable and can be used variably in different dimensions. In addition, one of the two levers can be unscrewed for almost all dimensions. Thus we supply our customers with a handy and space-saving product for their cutting tasks.

Tap wrenches or die holders are used whenever a thread is cut by hand. By using Lubero holding tools, our customers get full support when cutting the thread. A perfectly matched lever length ensures easy and torque supporting thread cutting.

With our wide range of tap wrenches and die holders you can already cover almost all common sizes.

Use of holding tools

Die holder

When using die holders, it is important to insert the die straight into the holder. Before lightly tightening the set screws, make sure that the notches on the round dies are aligned with the screws on the die holder to ensure a better hold. If the screws are not tightened in alignment, the die holder may spin when the thread is cut.

Tap wrench

To set the tap wrench to the appropriate width across flats on the tap, simply turn the adjustable lever on the tap wrench open or closed by hand. It is important to ensure that the square surfaces are in clean contact with the surfaces of the tap before turning the lever. This gives you the perfect grip and the tap can be easily screwed into the core hole without jerking.