Material groups

The material has a decisive influence on the choice of the right tool. With the color ring marking on our tools, we make the search easier. The six colors stand for the six most common material groups. This makes tool selection very easy for around 80 percent of all machining tasks. In the table linked here, we have compiled a clear and comprehensive list of the various materials with their respective parameters and our suitable tool recommendations.

Clicking on the "Material table" button will take you directly to our practical overview, which already covers a large part of all materials. The color code in the last column is our recommendation of which color ring type we recommend. If your material is not included, please feel free to contact us. After our analysis we will get back to you with a suitable solution


1200 N/mm21000 N/mm2800 N/mm2600 N/mm21400 N/mm20 N/mm2400 N/mm2200 N/mm2

THE types at a glance

Our machine taps with the proven color ring marking guarantee optimum cutting results and performance in the respective defined application areas due to the special design. The six colors represent the most common materials, which have different strengths. Our color ring spiral provides an initial overview of the respective areas of application.