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We offer a variety of custom taps and taps tailored to your individual needs. As a German manufacturer with almost 100 years of experience in the production of high-quality threading tools , we are always able to offer you the right tool in best quality for your specific requirements. In our comprehensive material table you will find specific tap recommendations together with recommended lubricant and adapted cutting speed when in use. Certified raw materials and a certified manufacturing process guarantee consistent highest quality and thus high tool life, most favorable process times and cost advantages over the competition.


We are experts for threading tools in production and conception. In addition to the production of classic standard tools, we solve individual problems with customized cutting tools, consisting of optimal cutting edge geometries and coatings, with short delivery times.

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Why tap from Lubero? Our strengths are your advantages

It is not for nothing that we carry the addition EXPERT in our name. Due to our almost 100 years of experience in the production and application of taps in almost all thread types and thread dimensions , we have become true experts in this field.

Our advantage over the competition is not only evident in our main product, the machine tap, which impresses with the highest quality and a wide product range. Thanks to our intelligent logistics software, we can ensure a delivery readiness of over 98% of all catalog items and beyond, which means that your order will usually be delivered the next day.

In the end, the only limit we have is what is technically feasible. In our catalog you will already find many designs in the most important thread types. In addition, there are partly stocked taps in multi-start designs, with oversize or undersize, in special sizes or special lengths, with special shanks, internal cooling and much more.

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Individual solutions through customized production of our taps

From Dies via Hand taps and Machine taps up to Holding tools - with us you will find everything you need for your projects. Our products are characterized by their high quality and reliability, which makes us a preferred partner for customers in many industries. Let our expertise and our tailor-made solutions and discover how we can help you successfully implement your projects.

Special threading tool? What is it?

Special threading tools represent a special type of tooling that does not conform to commonly used standards. These tools are often needed when it comes to overcoming challenges in the production of threads that do not conform to common standards. These can be extremely large dimensions, but also non-standard threads. Thanks to special software of our tool grinding machines, all technically possible threads can be calculated and produced. In terms of dimensions, it is possible to manufacture a special tap up to a diameter of approx. 300 mm and a maximum length of 800 mm.

Tap for every application

With our high-quality thread cutters and taps, you are ideally equipped for every application and industry. It doesn't matter what special requirements you place on our tool. Thanks to our huge range of tools and the possibility of manufacturing special tools, we are equipped for numerous industries. These are in particular.

  • General mechanical engineering
  • Machines for the food industry
  • Metal trade
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Medical technology
  • Power generation
  • Screw connections in the sanitary sector

Secure decisive advantages with our help!

Custom taps and taps play an indispensable role in modern industrial manufacturing. In order to achieve optimal output and efficiency, it may become necessary to resort to custom threading tools. Regardless of the individual reasons, any production facility may reach this point sooner or later.

Use our expertise to secure a decisive advantage over the competition!


Our machine taps with the proven color ring marking guarantee optimum cutting results and performance in the respective defined application areas due to the special design. The six colors represent the most common materials, which have different strengths. Our color ring spiral provides an initial overview of the respective areas of application.