The Competence of the Manufacturer

Despite numerous contrary publications in various print media, the proportion of really in Germany producing manufacturer of thread cutting tools to continue shrinking. By the relocation of production to the Far East as well as well-known producers real local manufacturer leaves only a few firms.

Even before the aftermarket makes the "one-euro mentality" does not stop. Container way threading tools are imported into often adventurous quality, with laser marking, genuine or counterfeit high gloss coating and packaging "embellished" and often as "German quality product" sold at a bargain price. This promises high profit margins for the vendor, the user is often the one who suffers.

How can you protect yourself?

Ask your sales representative for details. The real manufacturer also has real expertise. Seek advice and actually read not only from the competition catalog. We manufacture of Lubero since 1926 threading tools. We will certainly stay no answer.

When it comes to special tools to separate the wheat from the chaff. Whoever is able to find solutions for complex cutting tasks, which also has the authority to "normal" cutting tasks. Our share of special tools is now about 40% of sales. That's why we are also a preferred partner with a competitor.

Check in offers the tool and not the packaging. Just inferior tools will gladly offered in particularly complex with many boxes and often useless information. This will only distract from the tool and simulate a high quality. Consider this: The packaging is reduced with critical thinking only on a purely protective function for the tool.

If the seller is acting as a producer and you have doubts, ask them to arrange a viewing of his production. So-called production facilities abroad are then frequent excuses that in reality often prove just as cheap to buy. We produce of Lubero in Germany with European steel. This ensures the best, consistent quality and high flexibility even at delivery.

Be critical when massive advertising. This can certainly represent a company's performance costs, but also a lot of money. These funds are then not available to the tool innovation but only the more expensive product. Just importers use this means happy to positive opinion on their tools offered. However, by constant reaffirmation of this quality is not better!

Trust the extensive experience of a real producer and you remember:

The real value of a tool is calculated from

Price divided by life!

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