Price Catalog

The new LUBERO-price catalog 2021 is now available for you to download.

With numerous novelties, such as machine taps with internal cooling, we have expanded our range to meet even more requirements of our customers.

The type-MULTI-program has been extended with more thread types like UNC or BSP and our standard range now includes even more dimensions, including rare dimensions and left-hand threads. Due to our large stock we can always guarantee a fast delivery.

To download the new catalog, simply click on the "DOWNLOAD CATALOG" button. If you need a printed copy, please use our contact form or call us.

For easy integration into your inventory control system, our Excel versions of the price list are available for download. Please contact us if required.


There are many suppliers of threading tools on the market. Why should you choose Lubero?

  • Own production in Viernheim – Germany
  • Uncompromising quality
  • Over 90 years of experience
  • Experts in the field of threads
  • Custom made products with short delivery time
  • Large standard range at reasonable prices
  • Fast processing of requests
  • Reliable partner
  • Constant contact person
  • High flexibility
  • Modern machinery
  • Type MULTI

Uncompromising quality

We are only satisfied when you are. Quality is our first priority and is ensured by our multi-eye principle as well as constant checks and tests of the materials and tools. Our many years of experience have helped us to build up an immense database. This contains experience values of almost a whole century of thread production. For every common material we can offer you the optimal solution in terms of cutting geometry, coating or special design of the tools, adapted exactly to your requirements. Our standard range already covers many fields of application and materials.

Experts in the field of thread

You too can benefit from our knowledge on the subject of threads. Even if data is not completely available, we can help you to identify your thread. Based on a few parameters, we are able to assign your thread and offer the optimal tool. You do not have any data about your thread? No problem - just send us your sample. We will measure it and assign your thread to the correct type. Over the years, we have come across many rare types of threads, such as for vintage cars, or old locomotives, etc.. For some thread types you can hardly find or no longer find suppliers. Here we can also offer you solutions.

High flexibility

Our large stock of blanks in various shapes combined with our dedicated and competent team enables us to quickly offer you a customized solution for your cutting task. Special requirements for tree shapes, geometries or short delivery times are no problem for us. With our own production we can work here optimally demand-oriented and offer so optimally suitable solutions. If you have a problem around the topic of thread for which you do not have a solution, you can contact us and we will find one!


In our new catalog we have many new dimensions in the version: type MULTI. These tools are designed for universal use. The TiAlN coating combined with a special cutting geometry allows the use in many different difficult-to-machine materials with the same tool. This is the ideal solution for users who want to machine different materials without having to constantly change the tool.

Modern machinery

Continuous improvement and optimization is one of our principles. Inspired by the Japanese manufacturing technique: "Kaizen", we rely on consistent reinvestment to improve our processes and modernize machines. Our modern machines are optimized to produce threading tools with short grinding times while optimally machining the surfaces and maintaining fine tolerances. There is no such thing as "finished" for us, as we are always striving for further improvement in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible product.

Reliable partner

Paca sunt servanda – Latin for "contracts must be honored" is one of our principles in our business activities. You can rely on our word. Especially in the current turbulent times, you realize again what you have in a reliable partner. Thanks to our large stocks of finished goods and our large stock of blanks, we are little / hardly dependent on suppliers or other partners and can thus convince with constant delivery times. We maintain long-term business relationships with many partners with whom we rely on confidential, direct and above all open communication. If, despite all efforts, something does not work right away, we are always ready to find a quick and accommodating solution. According to the motto: "Once you put your trust in Lubero tools - you won't need any others". Your satisfaction is our claim.

Custom made products with short delivery time

Many users in industry know the problem: A machine has a defect and production stops. Or a ship in port needs a quick repair, while daily demurrage charges have to be paid. Here, every second often counts, as high downtimes can occur. These in turn cause high costs. Speed is of the essence. In order to offer a quick solution in this and many other cases, we have decided to invest extensively in our blank warehouse. This enables us to produce your suitable tool at very short notice in order to keep your downtime as low as possible. Special designs or adapted geometries for special materials can be realized by us at very short notice. For particularly urgent cases we offer our express service. The shipment takes place 24 hours after receipt of order by UPS Express. If the order is placed in time, it will even be shipped on the same day. You are welcome to contact us with your request and we will find a way to help you quickly. Our stock of blanks also includes different designs, such as overlengths for difficult to reach threads or special mounts such as MK4. Where many competitors stop, we just start! Convince yourself of our strengths.

Constant contact persons

We rely on the same employee to manage a process from the initial enquiry to the preparation of the quotation and the confirmation of the order. This means that you have a direct, consistent contact person for your process. This means that data does not have to be transmitted several times and you can be connected directly to the employee who is already in the picture, even days later. Our focus here is on a high quality of service. Cutting tasks are often complex and require a certain training period. Our employees are constantly trained in internal courses in order to provide them with the best possible advice according to the current state of the art. We can also archive your technical drawings for you. This way you can refer to a process number even years later and we have all the data available. Our employees work according to a standardised system in order to provide you with optimal support.

Large standard assortment at reasonable prices

For our current LUBERO catalog 2021, we have greatly expanded our standard range. The aim was to offer the best quality at competitive prices, especially in the standard range. Thanks to our own production, we have optimal conditions for strict quality control, especially for merchandise. Over the years we have separated the wheat from the chaff and selected the best suppliers for our assortment. Our many years of experience help us to recognize which tools provide the necessary service life for our customers. In our standard assortment we rely on our color ring system. This allows a quick and easy selection of the right tool for your cutting task. When you open our catalog, you will see directly on the left side the 6 color types according to which we have divided the most common materials. A high stock availability is very important to us, so that we can offer all listed articles either directly from stock, or with only a few days delivery time

Fast processing of requests

Quick processing of requestsOur internal structure and data are set up in such a way that our service staff always have access to all relevant data. Thus, a quick processing of your request is ensured. Also due to our own production we can calculate fast, because we do not have to inquire and wait for feedback. You as a dealer can benefit from this, as you can save your customers unnecessary waiting times.

Over 90 years experience

As early as 1926, Gustav Schwebinghaus and Paul Lusbrink laid the foundation for the long-standing success story of LUBERO GmbH. Our customers appreciate almost 100 years of experience in the field of threading. For many partners in industry or in the private sector we are a reliable partner. We have already had many complex cutting tasks in this or a similar way in the past and can therefore provide optimum advice on the selection of the right tool. This way we save our customers a lot of costs, because we can skip the trial and error. We know what works and what doesn't. Especially the process optimization of our customers is a topic that is important for us to find long-term mutually profitable solutions.

Own production in Viernheim - Germany

Since 1926 we have our own production and manufacture tools around the topic of thread. We are one of the few remaining manufacturers with our own production in Germany. Many competitors claim to have their own production, but actually produce abroad at much lower costs with corresponding quality. We are constantly expanding our machinery and are always looking for innovations to offer our customers the best possible quality. Thanks to efficient manufacturing processes we keep costs low. You are welcome to visit us and see for yourself.